Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Wealth Means To Me


TLDW: Muhammad Ali says he buys nice and expensive things not because he loves wealth, but because wealth is respected. If a modest church that preaches the word of God faithfully goes against a diamond studded church that preaches more poorly, the diamond studded church would get most of the followers. Gives them a cheap way to look wealthy. So when Ali pulls up in his diamond car next to another black man in a diamond car, the black man would respect him when he invites him to his church, rather than immediately dismiss him for lack of wealth.

It all makes sense right? But it really shouldn't. I've seen enough wealthy people with enormous amounts of problems. Wealth is NOT happiness after a certain point, and that certain point is within pretty much anyone's range.

Anyway, I'm trying to wake up early now. Been waking up way too late.


  1. This is all very vain, judging people on their material wealth.

  2. wealth my not be happiness but it sure does help. lol.

  3. You're right. Wealth really doesn't bring happiness. Rich people still feel depression, they still have tragic things happen to them, they still die. Personally, I'll just be glad having enough money to live and a little extra for spending.

  4. You know my Dad actually had to deal with the possibility of being drafted for the Vietnam War.

  5. wealth is not happiness because it draws power along with it and power is not good in hands of everyone. if rich people would just keep all their money and run away on some beautiful island they could live happily ever after. they just don't do that. i got carried away a little here :P

  6. Mr. Ali is a smart man.
    But I don't like the way respect can be bought by wealth. :S

    Anyhow, following and supporting! :)

  7. Wealth is great only when it is stored in Heaven.
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