Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Wealth Means To Me


TLDW: Muhammad Ali says he buys nice and expensive things not because he loves wealth, but because wealth is respected. If a modest church that preaches the word of God faithfully goes against a diamond studded church that preaches more poorly, the diamond studded church would get most of the followers. Gives them a cheap way to look wealthy. So when Ali pulls up in his diamond car next to another black man in a diamond car, the black man would respect him when he invites him to his church, rather than immediately dismiss him for lack of wealth.

It all makes sense right? But it really shouldn't. I've seen enough wealthy people with enormous amounts of problems. Wealth is NOT happiness after a certain point, and that certain point is within pretty much anyone's range.

Anyway, I'm trying to wake up early now. Been waking up way too late.

Friday, July 1, 2011


I wonder where I lie on the laziness spectrum in terms of the human race.

Laziness being defined as: Not doing things that you know is probably better for you in the long run because you "just don't feel like it".

I don't think mine is that bad on the overall scale, but it could definitely use a ton of improvement and fine-tuning. I'm lazy because I'm spoiled.